Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall/Winter Lipsticks

For Autumn and Winter, deep reds and royal purples, have been the trending lipstick colors. You can imagine my excitement, when running out to purchase these glam shades. However, this excitement immediately turned to anxiety when I realized wearing these vampy lippies to class or work might be a little too bold. Imagine that – me the lover of vibrant colors and striking prints, afraid to be bold?!

You see, in law school we’ve been taught less is more in some regards. Black and gray are closet staples and being bold, is wearing a navy suit to an interview. But alas, I’ve learned you can still showcase confidence and fabulosity while working that 9-5.

With that said, when wearing these colors for the colder months, keep the rest simple. Some liner and mascara, or a neutral shadow will do. Oh, and might I add - these colors look great on all skin tones, from my fair ladies to my dark-skinned beauties! 

Here’s how I rocking this season's colors. (Top - Revlon Super Lustrous in Black Cherry :: Bottom - Revlon Colorburst in Shameless) 

What lip colors are you wearing this season? Comment Below!

*This post is not sponsored. All products pictured were purchased by me.


  1. Just snagged NARS Scarlet Empress-- loving it. You know how I feel about lipstick :)