Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015: My New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year!

To those of you who spent the day nursing a horrendous hangover, I hope the New Years Eve festivities were well worth the hurt! Yesterday was not only New Years Eve, but also my 26th birthday. And despite the time I spent lamenting that I had no special plans to celebrate the New Year or my birthday (busy friends, boyfriend out of town, sold out event tickets – real bummer!) it turned out to be a beautiful day.

I received plenty of love and well wishes from family and friends and spent the evening bringing in the New Year with my mom and my grandparents. It was the perfect evening and I realized how little I missed the hustle and bustle of a bar celebration and how blessed I was to be celebrating another year of life and the New Year with my loved ones.

With the busyness of life we often forget to slow down and cherish the time spent with those close to us, so that is my first New Year’s Resolution (I’m sure I’ll come up with others in the coming days.) I want to take the time nurture my relationships and to truly enjoy the time spent with those closest to me.

Hoping your year is filled with love and laughter!

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